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I've been privileged and humbled to work with some amazing people throughout my coaching career. Before deciding if you'd like to work with me, please see what some of my most recent clients have said about the work we have done together.

"Tom has helped me gain clarity into my current life situation in a gentle and thought-provoking manner. I would have been unable to see the ‘wood for the trees’ on my own and have had some major emotional breakthroughs during our time together."

"Having never had coaching before, I was unsure of the process, but Tom soon put me at ease. I would say that Tom’s coaching style really allows you to get a lot off your chest, if you want to, but he also used some useful coaching techniques and exercises when I was at a loss or unfocused in a session."

"I found the whole process truly transformative, and by the end of our sessions realised I had achieved most of our agreed goals! I’ve now transitioned out of one career and into a new phase of my life with a positive spring in my step thanks to Tom."

Sarah Adams - Web Designer

"My coaching sessions with Tom have massively grown my self confidence, as well as helping me to see more positives in life and push away negative thoughts; particularly when overthinking things, which has had a major positive impact on my life and mental well-being!"

"I felt comfortable with Tom, that I could be completely open and honest about myself and my challenges, knowing he is not there to judge me, but to guide me to help me change my way of thinking for the better, which has worked wonders for both my work and home life!"

Pete Syer - Beers, Wines & Sprits Specialist

"I found working with Tom quite different to what I expected, let me explain - I thought I would voice a particular concern and Tom would provide an answer or a suggestion but no, it was far better than that - I would voice a concern and Tom would ask a question which would make me think and then rethink to come up with a workable solution through discussion - absolutely brilliant".

"I have worked with Tom for a few weeks now and have come away with strategies that have not only helped me through a current problem but can be utilised in all areas of my life; the strategies are now intrinsic to my thought process".

"Tom is a fabulous coach where no area of life is out of bounds, he is easy to talk to and totally professional. I would highly recommend utilising his knowledge and expertise. I will not hesitate to contact Tom as and when I need his guidance".

Kim Rootes - Secondary School Teacher

"Tom's style gave the space and safety to see myself anew. The very different and active way of listening and questioning helped me in ways that aren't possible in the hum drum of daily life or with friends and family".

"The impact on me has been increased self awareness, perception of the stories I tell myself and to loosen the hold they had on me. I have new colourful feathers in wings of awareness".

Ben Morris - Manager, Financial Services

“Tom created a relaxed environment, which enabled me to feel I had a safe space to be open, honest, vulnerable and share my innermost feelings and experiences. We progressed at a pace that felt to be led by myself, so I was able to reflect in the session itself or spend more time outside of the sessions to reflect deeper if that was what I needed."

“I had explored a lot of deep feelings and raw emotions in the first session and even though this initially felt to me as a huge mountain to climb, I immediately felt by the end of the first session that I had made a very important step towards healing and that with Tom's coaching I would be able to get there. Over my time working with Tom, I felt completely heard and understood and this brought me peace of mind that I had not only articulated my self, but that Tom was able to work with me to pinpoint the key issues that were impacting me."

“Tom did not fill the silence when I stopped talking. At times it felt uncomfortable, but it was absolutely the right thing to do as it allowed me to really sit in the discomfort I felt and feel the weight of my own emotions. Looking back this was very much a breakthrough moment for me. Tom was very attuned to what I needed even when I didn't know it myself, I would highly recommend Tom as a coach."

Becky Candy - Change Manager

"Tom is a brilliant coach, he has this knack of saying nothing but actually saying a lot. When I started working with him I was stuck in a bit of a rut. We set goals at the beginning of our first session and everything we did was laddering up to these. He helped me to retrain my thought process and to see that I was equipped with a toolkit to manage my stress better than I'd ever been able to. I can honestly say that something that sounds small has genuinely changed my life!"

"Tom has a wealth of knowledge about coaching and psychology, it is clear that he is very passionate about what he does. He's really approachable and doesn't do the thinking for you, but instead allows you the time and space to do it yourself. What I really liked was that we had a chemistry session to see if we would get along, it's as much about you feeling comfortable working with Tom as it is about him knowing he's the right person to support you. I realised so much about myself from the sessions I had with Tom, they were more insightful than anything I've had before. If you're debating coaching, I can't recommend Tom enough!"

Lauren Ratcliff - Digital Artworker

"From our very first meeting Tom made me feel comfortable and safe. Tom's approach to coaching has led me to challenge my own way of thinking and behaving and explore both how and why I have carried these with me.

With Tom's questions and support I feel that I have been able to delve and explore my own internal processes which has given me great insight. I have found a new sense of confidence within myself, and my ability, as well as identifying coping strategies which I have put into practice."

"As an individual who has previously found it challenging to be open, let alone explore some of my innermost thoughts, the space felt so safe. Tom listened intently and gave me time to process and think more; challenging me, in a gentle way, when he could see there were things left unsaid, that I was hesitant to voice. I can hand on heart say after each coaching session I came away feeling lifted and renewed, even after some of the more challenging sessions."

"Following my coaching, I feel the greatest benefit gained undoubtedly has been my new-found confidence and renewed drive to proactively explore new opportunities. Consequently, this has led me to starting a new role and challenge that I can not wait to begin!"

Melanie Potter - Ecosystem Project Support

"I was completely blown away by the support and insight that I received and gained during the time we have spent together. This helped me both in personal and professional matters and I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything."

"I really appreciated your relaxed and thoughtful approach which allowed me time to think through what I wanted to say and to actually speak about myself. Whilst some of the questions you posed were difficult at times, they were necessary in order to ensure I could see all angles of what I was going through and gain new insight into parts of myself that I hadn't explored before."

"Our sessions ultimately resulted in me now being more confident and happier in my working life and have enabled me to move forward after being able to reflect on what I want. The feedback from colleagues showed me that our discussions have led to positive results, and now I recommend coaching and you to other people."

Zoe - Online Merchandiser

"The approach that Tom took made me feel at ease, so much so I was happy to talk about scenarios out of work and I felt this helped get to my desired outcome. I felt there was a real rapport with Tom, he paid a genuine interest in me and what I wanted to get out of the sessions. It felt like he knew the best approach to take with me, to help find my own way to the answer."

"The experience posed comfortable and uncomfortable questions which is exactly what I wanted. Having someone there to bounce ideas/thoughts off in a really safe environment was exactly what was needed at this moment for me. It wasn't intense and the pace was set at a level I was happy with whilst trying to do the day job too. As it was 1-2-1, it was far more personal, and the private environment also made me feel 'safe' so the learning was more honest."

"I would highly recommend Tom as a coach, and have recommended coaching to others already off the back of the experience I had!"

Greg Trumper - Branch Manager

"Tom is an excellent coach. His style put me instantly at ease and I felt comfortable being myself with him from the off. His questioning enabled me to explore the subject areas and gain a greater understanding of myself."

"Tom was able to tailor the sessions to my current mindset easily and I felt comfortable opening up to him. Coaching for me has been the most natural experience I have had in a learning environment with my own self awareness being my biggest learn. I am now more aware of my impact on others and engaging people differently."

David Smith - Branch Manager

"The whole experience gave me an opportunity to take time out and reflect on how I work and my impact on others. With Tom's help, I had a clear goal of what I wanted to work towards, and found I was able to make great progress on this. Tom kept me on track whilst still allowing me to go off on tangents. This meant we could talk freely and I could really question myself. "

"Tom was laid back and calm, he's an active listener and wasn't afraid to make me uncomfortable, sit in silence, or probe to help me question my language or choices. Tom's coaching was personal and tailored to my needs and has given me the mindset and tools to check myself and my style. It is still down to me to implement this and apply it on a day to day basis."

"I would use coaching again if I began to struggle/question something different in my management."

Alasdair Clayden - Team Manager

"Coaching has been an extremely useful tool that I could make good use of at a really pivotal time in my career. It allowed me to untangle some unhelpful thoughts and remove some less than useful blockers in my thinking. I was able to build clarity and a clear line of sight towards personal and career goals."

"Tom's style was well suited to my needs in that he achieved an appropriate balance of challenge and support helping me achieve my desired outcomes from coaching. Tom was particularly adept at summarising my sometimes convoluted thoughts in a way that allowed me to see clearly what my drivers and blockers were."

"I wobbled a bit in thinking that there might be a standard coaching technique. At a certain point, I wondered if the way my coaching was progressing was 'normal'. I realised that there is not really a 'normal' and that the nature of coaching is to establish your own needs and desired outcomes and to test out coaching to see if it helps. The chemistry meetings are imperative in testing out whether the coaching is likely to succeed."

"Thank you Tom for providing this development opportunity and for the difference it has made for me."

Hazel Penycate - Wellbeing & Relaxation Coach

"Tom built an atmosphere that was relaxed, honest and thought provoking; it felt comfortable but challenging at the same time. Tom was the utter professional at all times. Without noticing straight away, other people saw the change in me which was quite a shock to myself, but also very pleasing as it re-enforced the changes happening for the better."

"Coaching has exceeded all my objectives, more than anything, it has built up my confidence to go into far more challenging situations than before, as well as hitting my goals. This was the only time I've ever invested in myself, on a 1-2-1 basis. Tom made it personalised to me, not a one size fits all approach, so it was very beneficial."

"Following coaching with Tom, my communication skills and self awareness are vastly improved and the feedback I've received from others voluntarily is amazing. Going forward I feel confident and I am excelling in my new role at the next job level. I couldn't have got my job without Tom's support, guidance and expert coaching, what a brilliant resource the business has in Tom."

"Personally Tom needs to take more credit for how good and effective he is, he was very humble and put the onus on myself. I was very sceptical at first but now a full advocate for this process, thanks you Tom."

Richard Davis - Deputy Branch Manager

"Tom created an environment that felt safe to be open and honest, was non judgmental and delivered observations in a good way. Tom helped me identify a barrier in our first session that had disabled me for a very long time in my career as well as my personal life, just by listening to the language I used."

"Coaching has provided a totally different experience for me, more personalized and specific to my own personal needs. I feel very lucky to have had an excellent coach who I could easily build trust with, who offered great observations and enabled me to create clear improvements in my own personal performance."

"Tom - thank you so much! Not only a beneficial experience but also a real pleasure!"

Adam Duffill - Team Manager

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