Bite Sized Coaching

New Awareness   •   New Choices   •   Personal Power

Diving straight into a coaching program, for some people is absolutely the right thing for them and it can help them to achieve great results!


Due to a number of factors, you may not be ready to commit to a full coaching program and that's OK.

Especially with you in mind, I've created 3 Bite Sized Coaching sessions, using some of my favourite coaching tools to give you the chance to dip your toe into coaching and have a really focussed 90 minute conversation at a lower cost than a full coaching program! 

These sessions are currently just £99, representing a whopping 49% saving over the usual investment for a 90 min coaching session!

I guarantee you'll get tremendous value from these 3 sessions whether you use them in isolation or in conjunction with other sessions, so what have you got to lose?  Please see more detail on each session by Clicking the images below.

Values Elicitation & Exploration Session 

 90 mins - Just £99

Anchoring Session

90 mins - Just £99

Immunity to Change Mapping Session

90 mins - Just £99

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