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What is Timeline Therapy & Hypnosis?

Timeline Therapy (TLT) is a therapeutic process that evolved from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the 1980s. Created by Tad James PhD, the process is applied to the notion that we store our memories in a linear 'timeline' as part of our memory storage system.

What is Timeline Therapy Used For?

TLT is a powerful process for personal change, by facilitating the removal of painful emotions that are attached to memories in the past. Through exploring how an individual represents time and inferring it could be a line from past to present and out to the future, TLT seeks to identify where the individual first experienced these painful emotions on this 'timeline'. By identifying these 'first instances' and the learning that the individual needs to take from them, they can detach the emotion from the memory.

TLT addresses at the unconscious level, the 5 major negative emotions; Fear, Anger, Sadness, Guilt and Hurt. By detaching these emotions from memories, an individual is able to still experience these emotions in the future, but in a much more proportionate way.

How Could TLT Help Me?

  • If you find that your reaction to situations where one or more of the 5 major negative emotions are present is disproportionate to the event, or that these emotions are present more than you would like in your life, TLT could help you to detach them.

  • TLT can also help you to detach lesser emotions and states such as; annoyance, irritation, procrastination to name but a few. TLT can also be useful in identifying where a limiting belief originated from, again, enabling you to take the learnings from that situation whilst detaching the belief.

  • TLT is also a powerful tool for creating goals in your future. By creating an imaginative and compelling vision of your desired future outcomes, they can be inserted into the timeline, enabling your focus to be towards the future and what you wish to achieve.

  • TLT can be used on it's own or it can be combined with Personal Development Coaching as part of the wider process. It's likely to be something explored if initial coaching conversations identify the presence of these negative emotions and the impact they may be having.

I'm Interested and Want to Know More

I look forward to talking about Timeline Therapy could support you in the future by looking at the past. You can contact me by clicking the CONTACT button at the top of the page to arrange a conversation. (If you don't have a Google account, please use contact details at the bottom of the page).

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