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My name is Tom White, I'm the founder and coach at Kellenva Coaching.

I'm a qualified, accredited and experienced Personal Development & Leadership coach,  L&D Consultant and NLP Master Coach and Masters Psychology graduate.  Having left the John Lewis Partnership after 18 amazing years, I founded Kellenva Coaching to realise my dream of working with coaching clients on a full time basis.

I have spent the majority of my career working with leaders in an employee owned, people centric business, to develop the skills to be effective in their roles. However, I have found more and more that people's work and private selves are seldom separated completely. This perspective and experience has informed my coaching and facilitation style to work with the person, not the problem. After all, every employee, every leader, every CEO, is a person first. 

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So where does the name Kellenva come from? It's actually a combination of my children's first names; Kellan and Enva, which my wife Claire coined.  I thought it fitting that my company name should reflect the family values that have guided me through life up to this point. The name is a tribute to the support they have given me in turning Kellenva Coaching into reality.

Being a husband and father has given me the opportunity to role model what being happy at work can look and feel like, this is at the core of why I started Kellenva Coaching.

What Makes Me Tick?

I'm fascinated by what it means to be human; understanding what motivates people, what causes people to think, behave and use language in the way that they do.  This is why my coaching practice and the associated learning has become my life's work.  Every client I work with, every time I am coached, every piece of learning I invest in and every human interaction I have, builds my knowledge and understanding.

What More Can I Tell You?

When I'm not working, I love spending time with my family, taking days out, watching movies, going for walks and eating together as a family to unpack the day's activities.

I'm a huge Metallica fan and have been attending concerts and collecting vinyl, CDs, cassettes, VHS tapes, DVDs and even Laserdiscs for over 20 years, amassing a beloved collection of some 800 items.  I also have a real passion for collecting and building Lego sets, with particular interest in Technic, Classic Space, Speed Champions and Model Team themes. 

I have other collections but too many to list here! I love collecting as there is something very satisfying about displaying my collections in my office, but I also get huge joy from cataloguing them, always knowing exactly what I have, but more importantly which items I don't have when I'm at a record fair or looking online.  My daughter Enva also shares this passion for going to gigs, collecting and archiving!

When I need to relax, the lakeside is where you'll find me, whiling away a few hours hoping for that elusive bite. The quiet and solitude of the lakeside is fantastic for relaxing and taking time out from the busyness of everyday life, providing the weather is clement.

When I need time to think or I'm feeling stuck (and burn a few calories) running and cycling are my go to activities. Popping the headphones on, listening to some music or a podcast provides 30 mins of me time ready to head back into the next challenge.

Why I Coach

Coaching and learning more broadly, is an amazing opportunity to increase your awareness of self, those around you and your current situation.  With an increased level of awareness comes an increased number of options or choices, which may have seemed unavailable previously.  When choices are presented where it has felt like you have none, your ability to act and regain your personal power increases, reinstating you as the captain of your own ship.  I coach, as I believe everyone can be the captain, but from time to time a listening ear is required to decide on which course to plot.

How I Coach

My intent is to create relationships based on Trust, Rapport and Safety; the founding principles of my coaching practice. In doing so, I create an environment where clients can be brave, honest, vulnerable, authentic and free from judgement.  With these elements present, I believe clients get the most from the experience. I listen intently to what my clients say and don't say and challenge them to think in new ways, gaining new perspectives and awareness. I am fascinated by and help clients to, understand how they think, more so than what they think, bringing unconscious processing into conscious awareness.

What My Coaching Enables

My coaching supports clients in understanding their current situation better and creating long term strategies to overcome challenges to achieve their potential and goals in life. 

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